Sellerboard is an easy way for Amazon sellers to research their Amazon profits and costs. Via an analysis software, you can find out how one can improve your profit and save time at the same time. The nice thing about sellerboard is the fact that you may have a live dashboard with all FBA ratings, PPC prices, return shipping costs, advertising prices, etc. Seller Board is also available as a mobile app.

Sellerboard is implemented in a clean and easy way. The UI is just beautiful! It breaks down all of the numbers and costs related with your Amazon FBA business. It can be used for inventory planning as well. I highly recommend utilizing sellerboard! There is nothing to lose, you can strive it at no cost and see how it works for yourself!

Sellerboard Overview: Options

Supports eight marketplaces: Working on Amazon USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Italy and Mexico

Live Dashboard: To provide you details about sells, profits, and detailed information about Amazon rate, PPC expenses, returning prices, promotion cots and fix costs, for any period of time (immediately, tomorrow, this month or another).

Set Up Graphics: Everything is customizable: KPIs, time frame to research and the level of element of the manufacture. See a quick summary or analyze in depth the lists of products for every time period on detail.

View of good points and loss: You can set them up with any parameter, filter for markets or products, and see the sold products for any selected period.

File of product: Exact details of any products and for any period or market. You will be able to see real sells, profits, taxes and bills associated with each product.

Precise monitor of all Amazon Rates: Monitor all your fix costs and other bills (be taught more about this function here).

As a 2019 new function, sellerboard displays also the BSR, showing 3 values:

Present BSR of the product

% of the current BSR changes compared to the average BSR of the final 7 days

% of modifications of the 7-day common compared to the previous 30-day average

Restock alerts: Primarily based in your 3, 7 and 30 days of sells. They’d automatically notify you when there is a need of a restock from the FBA warehouse or in the event you do have to make a new cost to your provider. Export or your data to a txt or a spreadsheet file.

Automatic Response: Send computerized messages to your buyers, gather more feedback, product reviews and provide a better customer support to your clients.

Money back reports: A model new 2019 report. This will provide help to get your FBA reimbursements cash back: discover misplaced or damaged products at Amazon’s warehouse which have neither been found nor reimbursed or cases in which Amazon owes you money for patrons’ returns.

Sellerboard Overview: Benefits

1. Profitability Analytics Dashboard

Sellerboard’s most robust function is its Profitability Analytics Dashboard. Sellerboard will help you know your numbers by tracking lots of data.


Most sellers could benefit from having a more accurate (and present) sense of their profitability. Because sellerboard tracks a lot data, you can use this tool to get a really exact look at your numbers. You’ll be able to open up sellerboard, glance at your Dashboard, and get a reasonably first rate picture of how your Amazon FBA business is doing. Most of sellerboard’s data is pulled directly from Amazon. Meaning you don’t must do anything – it’s synced automatically as soon as your account is ready up. This contains info like:

Number of orders (and what items were ordered)

Amazon charges (FBA charges, storage charges, FBA inbound charges, MF shipping prices, disposal/removal costs, subscription fees, and so forth)



Advertising/PPC costs

But for sellerboard to provide even more valuable details about the monetary health of your enterprise, you’ll must enter some info manually:

Cost of Goods (your buy price for every item in your inventory)

Fixed Bills (things like accounting software, supplies, education bills, listing software, etc)

You’ll be able to enter your Value of Items manually for every item or you may download their bulk import template to import all of your costs at once. As soon as sellerboard can see all of Amazon’s data plus your expenses, they can return information like Price of Good Sold, Gross Profit, Net Profit, ROI, and Profit Margins. You possibly can look at this data for the present day, current month, earlier months, or virtually any customized date range. You may also view this information at a per-item level so to see which products have the best sales and margins. As long as you enter your Value of Items and Expenses, sellerboard can generate an accurate Profit & Loss assertion for your business. This can really turn out to be useful at tax time!

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